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In the realm of remote and freelance work, virtual coworking harmonizes productivity and community, fostering collaboration and support among members.
Harvard Business Review Feb 2023

Why use a dedicated Virtual Coworking platform?

An important part of community is social productivity. We’re more likely to have a sense of belonging when we feel engaged, trusted by our peers, and know where to go to see other members. But how do we create a community that truly feels connected? Workfrom provides a human-centered approach to community-building using virtual coworking rooms.

Tailored solution

Zoom is optimized for meetings, not coworking. A dedicated solution gives your community a more aligned experience.

Thoughtfully designed

Workfrom Rooms are highly customizable spaces that marry stunning visuals with effortless setup and usage.

Easy to use

Free yourself to focus on what matters most. Workfrom Rooms are always on, load in a browser, and virtually run themselves.

Workfrom Rooms use cases

Focus Sessions

Virtual focus sessions give members a dedicated time for concentrated work around each other, boosting productivity. In Workfrom Rooms, focus sessions run automatically on the days and times you specify.
✅  Provides regular opportunities for members to engage
✅  Strengthens community bonds by creating a shared experience
✅  Fosters a supportive, collaborative environment

Virtual Lounge

Mimic the relaxed atmosphere of a physical lounge in an online space that's thoughtfully crafted to foster connections, conversations, and collaboration among community members.
✅  Provides a space for members to casually build relationships
✅  Allows members to connect on a more personal level
✅  A dedicated place for events, workshops, or informal gatherings

Body Doubling

Body doubling, where individuals work together virtually, offers a supportive environment where members can encourage each other and share achievements.
✅  Creates a sense of accountability and connection
✅  Alleviates feelings of isolation
✅  Helps your community stay focused and productive

Get to know Workfrom Rooms

Customizing a Room

Choose from pre-designed settings that inspire focus and creativity, or create your own themes and decorate your space to be as unique as your community.

Interacting in a Room

Cowork with video, audio, and screen sharing controls. Use multiple coworking modes including audio-only and video-only. Easily share sticky notes and personal checklists with colleagues.

Background music in Rooms

Each coworking rooms comes with a dedicated media player that can auto-play background music on entry alongside additional ambient soundscapes you control.

Focus sessions in Rooms

Create, run, and join focus session inside of any coworking room. Focus sessions make it easy to facilitate tmed periods of deep work followed by short breaks, and are a proven way to boos productivity and focus.

Recurring focus sessions

With a few clicks, add recurring focus sessions that send reminders to Slack and provide frequent opportunities for all employees to cowork.

Slack connected Rooms

Connect any coworking rooms to a Slack channel and receive real-time visitor notifications and helpful reminders of upcoming coworking with colleagues.

Discover the benefits of shared spaces, reimagined for the digital era

Help your community thrive with a versatile platform that promotes camaraderie, knowledge sharing, and a sense of community, allowing members to unwind, connect, and build meaningful relationships in an accessible and inclusive online setting.


of users say Workfrom Rooms have improved authentic connections


feel their ability to stay engaged remotely has improved


feel more connected to other members

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3 custom rooms
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10 custom rooms
10 max participants per room
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$199 / mo

50 custom rooms
50 max participants per room
Dedicated support
Save 30% with an annual plan.

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